how to invest 5 million dollars

There is always an argument about how gold can always become the best choice for an investment. You may think about how to invest 5 million dollars in gold and get the best answer here. In recent days, there is financial market turbulence. And people need to find the best solution for the safest type of investment to make sure that they still get profit and they still increase their assets. So, finding the safest way to invest in gold will always help you to keep your portfolio great. And you can still have your assets risen.

Here are the best types of gold investment for you

1. You can Make an Investment with the ETFs Gold

When you learn about the best investment and the safest one, you may start making the best decision to invest in gold ETF or exchange-traded funds. This is a type of gold investment where you can get lots of benefits since it will give you low risk of investment. This type of investment will turn your assets in a form of paper. So, you can directly put it into your portfolio together with your other types of assets.

2. Exchange-Traded Notes as a New Form of Gold Investment

If you are still thinking about how to invest 5 million dollars in gold, you need to think about buying a new form of gold which is called exchange-traded notes. This is a type of gold investment to give you a high possibility of getting high profits in gold investment. But, this type of gold investment is not recommended for those who are still a newbie in the world of gold investment since there is still a possibility to lose your asset.

3. Gold Bullion Investment

When you are still confused and do not know what to do about finding an appropriate type of gold investment, you may think about buying a type of physical gold, or what people call a gold bullion. Usually, it came with a type of bar or gold coins. The gold bar is coming in various sizes ranging from 1 gram up to 400 ounces. If you do not want to keep huge numbers of gold coins, you can buy a larger size of gold bars. Gold coins also can be a good option for you. It is a portable type of gold and it is always recognizable. The usual type of bullion coins such as South African Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple Leaf, or American Eagle can be your choice.

4. The Choice of Collectible Coins or Jewellery

The type of bullion coins is always recognizable. It came with a form of numismatic coins and it has the standardized gold amount with a certain value. If you have a rare type of coin, it will be more valuable. The choice of having a gold investment in a form of jewelry maybe can be another option. But, you need to realize that it has a lower investment value. It consists of alloys and the total gold percentage is only around 60%. So, how to invest 5 million dollars in gold, is always dependent on your option.