how to invest 10 million dollars

At some point, you might be wondering how to invest 10 million dollars. Owning 10 million dollars in hand is such a fancy thing. However, investing the money in something right and profitable will bring you a fortune in the future.

Investing in gold is one of the ways you can secure your money. Why should you invest in gold? There are various reasons why you must invest in gold. Gold, on the other hand, comes in various shapes for investments. Besides, it helps to diversify your portfolio, which is good. If you are looking for a way to invest in gold, check out the list we’ve summarized below. Other than that, you need to understand what things you want to invest along with the pros and cons.

3 Best Ways to Invest 10 Million Dollars

1. Gold bullion

When it comes to how to invest 10 million dollars, gold bullion always comes first. This type of gold investment is the most popular one. Gold bullion includes bars, coins, and any physical gold things. You will find a serial number on the bar for the sake of security matters.

Since the size of gold bars is quite big, you will need larger storage to store more bars. Thus, many investors purchase coins and other small sized bars instead. Besides, those things offer a higher level of liquidity compared to a large gold bar.

2. Bullion coins

Gold coins have been widely used for centuries. Nowadays, the presence of gold coins becomes more lavish and luxurious. As mentioned earlier, many gold investors would purchase coins instead of gold bars for storage and liquidity reasons.

Gold coins are accepted globally, and the price is conveniently available too. Since the size is small, you don’t need to pay for more storage costs. Other than that, you can sell or buy your gold coins from reputable dealers around the world. You can easily spot them in large cities.

3. Mutual funds and ETFs

Another way to invest in gold securely and safely is by purchasing ETFs or exchange-traded funds. The funds are sold like stocks in any brokerage. You can even buy this investment instrument through your IRA account.

According to experts, this type of gold investment is more effective and easier than buying physical gold. Buying gold-oriented mutual funds requires a relatively low cost of the initial investment. Other than that, you can buy them from different companies and diversify your portfolio simultaneously. If you already have an IRA account, the process will be simpler.

Some investors claim that investing in gold has a different level of comfort, considering you own a physical asset instead of a piece of paper. However, you must pay storage costs, and the initial cost is slightly premium.

Where to Invest 10 Million Dollars?

More than anything, if you want to be a future-oriented person, investing in gold would be a good idea. But keep in mind that the return depends on the gold price itself. After understanding how to invest 10 million dollars, you should consider buying mutual funds and ETFs for the easiest yet safest way to invest in gold.