can i use my ira to buy gold

Can I Use my IRA to Buy Gold? 5 Facts about Gold Investment

Retirement is one of the times that must be faced by anyone because facing retirement is not only about mentally but also about financial plans. Almost everyone has prepared for retirement by having retirement savings. With the development of the investment world, a way of investing in gold using retirement savings was created. Then, can I use my IRA to buy gold? Here are 5 facts about using IRA to buy gold.

1. Gold Potential As IRA Fund

Gold is an investment instrument that is favored by many people because gold is a tool to maintain wealth. It has a good hedge against inflation. When the cost of living goes up, the price of gold also goes up. By saving gold, your wealth will not be eroded by inflation. The price of gold will always increase from time to time. If stored in the long term, gold has the potential to be used as an instrument to save your retirement funds. IRA needs will be fulfilled with this one instrument.

2. Gold bullion and Gold Coins

The gold bullion is the most common investment option chosen. It is easier to buy and sell in the long run when the investment value increases. Make sure you buy genuine gold bullion, which is always accompanied by a certificate and a description of the weight of the gold bar.

3. IRS-established Gold depository

If you plan to keep your gold in your home or any place where you want it, this will not happen. Gold as an investment tool must be kept in a designated location and approved by the IRS. Can I use my IRA to buy gold? Yes, but it must be in a valid approval. Then for storage, it is also strictly regulated so you have to follow this rule. This fact is basic knowledge if you want to use an IRA as your investment. Read: Gold IRA Investment Guide

4. Disburse the Gold

Will it be sold regularly? For example, the gold that you managed to collect weighs a total of 1 kg in the form of 5 and 10-gram bars. In one month do you sell 5 grams of gold bullion? Or you will sell the whole thing. Of course, you have to be careful, lest you be tempted to spend all your gold deposits.

5. Keep Commitments

If you already know how much money you have to prepare in old age then you must commit. The funds that you have to collect before retirement are very large, so you must be disciplined in allocating a portion of your income each month for investment.

If you are not the type of person who is disciplined, never invest from leftover expenses. This step is wrong. You will find it difficult to control your spending desires if you do not have binding obligations. If suddenly there is a discount, you will be tempted if you still have money in your account. So, what you have to do is set aside 10%, for example, from your monthly salary at the start of the payday for investment. You must consider that 10% part of the obligation that you must not do for answering can I use my IRA to buy gold.