gold price forecast 2023

Gold price forecast 2023 becomes a good discussion before you invest your money in gold. You will get more profits from your gold investment when the gold price increases in 2023. It is good to read the following predictions about gold prices this year.

Gold Price Prediction in 2023

1. Reaching $ 3.800

Inflation will influence gold prices in 2023. Robert Kiyosaki predicts that the gold price will reach $ 3.800 this year. He predicts that the silver price will be $75 in 2023. He explained that the gold price in the world is the same. And he warned investors on 22nd December 2022. It is the last chance to buy gold and silver at their lowest price. He estimates that the stock market will fall if the gold and silver prices increase so high. The gold price is $1.835. Silver price is at $ 24.24. Kiyosaki has claimed that he does not trust the Biden government in which he estimated the stock, obligation, and real estate will fall because the Federal Reserve keeps increasing interest rates due to inflation.

2. Gold Price due to Inflation

Besides Kiyosaki’s statement, Juerg Kiener also explains his prediction of gold price forecast 2023. In late December, Kiener predicted that gold price will increase $ 4.000 per troy ounce in 2023. Some reasons influencing it are an interest rate increase and the worries of the global recession. Those make the global market not stable. Kiener said that a market gold price can reach $ 2.500 to $4.000 in 2023. There will be a good chance for the gold market to see a huge movement. The big movement is not only 10%, but it also can reach higher. Many economic sides face a slight recession in the first quarter. It is causing many central banks to slow the increase of interest rates. Kiener also claimed that investors choose gold due to inflation. Gold is a good investment with good value.

3. Increasing 120% Higher Than Current Price

After running hard due to Covid-19, the gold price will shine this year. Some analysts give an extreme price projection. It can fly high up to $4.000 per troy in 2023. Of course, it rises to 120% from this level. Kiener gives an extreme project. The prediction is due to some reason. Those are recession and policies of the Federal Reserve. The gold price fell in 2022 due to the interest rates of The Fed Reserve. Gold price will penetrate up to $4.000. It is the highest price of gold ever.

Saxo Bank, a Danish bank, gives an extreme prediction. It predicts gold price reaching to $3.000 per troy ounce. The analyst estimates that inflation is still high in 2023. Several states will face difficult political conditions. Of course, it will be a good deal with a gold investment. Gold price forecast 2023 is still discussing by gold analysts. You can read the guide and predictions of gold price before investing your money in gold in 2023. Those are to help you invest in gold in 2023 amid the inflation conditions. Gold is still a promising investment for everyone.