will gold price rise in future

Will Gold Price Rise in Future? Let’s See the Analysis

The world’s gold price is getting higher in the trading market in 2020 after it went down in the last trading. The precious metal is one of the shining assets amid the pandemic of Coronavirus making the global economic condition recession. Will gold price rise in future?

The Gold Price Rose in 2020

At 5.45 p.m., the gold trading is around $1.734,4 per troy ounce in the spot market. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the gold price decreased about 1.36 % so that makes the gold catcher get confused. Along this year, the gold price has increased more than 13% and seed on the highest level of eight years.

High Volatility

The gold volatility is also high and predicted to be increased during this year or 10 upcoming years. Many investors will hunt the gold in both physical and digital forms. The gold is very bullish. The price of gold still has the chance to be a big space to get increasing.

Today, you will see the gold price of about $1.750/ troy ounce. However, it has a potential price of $ 1.800 or even $ 1.900/ troy ounce in the next quartal. It seems to be a promising investment in the future. Will gold price rise in the future? Of course, it will get increased in the future when you see the trend of the gold price.

Promising Policy of Central Bank

The analyst has discussed the basic prediction of the gold price. The policy of the central bank offering low interest and quantitative easing programs was good news to a global central bank. It is contributing to and supporting the increase in the gold price. The policy makes the economy flood of liquidity. Of course, it influences the gold price. It will increase in 10 upcoming years with high volatility. It means that the price will increase and decrease with a big percentage.

In 10 upcoming years, the gold price will be volatile. Gold will be traded in the level of $ 3.000 to $ 4.000/ troy ounce in upcoming years. You will see the possibility of the gold at the level that you ever imagine. Then, you will see the big liquidity to the global economic condition. Read: Will gold rate decrease in coming days?

Central Bank Injects Liquidity

The global central bank is injecting liquidity due to the pandemic of Covid 19 forcing the countries taking a lockdown policy. Of all the world’s central banks, the Federal Reserve is the most aggressive one. The Fed has cut the interest up to 0-0,25% and activated the quantitative easing program without limits. It means that no limit of the fund is to make the liquidity in the US economical condition to be better due to the pandemic of Coronavirus. It makes the economical condition slowly and even almost stops.

Will Gold Price Increase or Decrease in Future?

In the early period of the pandemic, it was predicted that gold price will go up to $4.000 in a long term period. The market actors don’t understand yet the effects of central bank policies on the financial market. It is predicted to record the highest record in 2021 the gold price. Will gold price rise in future? Of course, you need to invest in gold to get more profits amid the pandemic of Coronavirus.