what is the future price of gold expected to be

What is the Future Price of Gold Expected to be?

What is the future price of gold expected to be and how to make it still beneficial? Even for more than 3000 years, humans knew gold well and used this type of metal as precious assets. Yes, in the past, gold functions as the medium of exchange just like modern money. The trade market was only invented in the last hundred years. But history proves that gold is very valuable and the value is continuously increased. Many analysts also predict that the gold can survive and the value is improved during the crisis. So, it can be concluded that in the future, the price of gold will still be increased. To make sure that the gold is really beneficial for you, you must know some matters below.

1. Timing

In the world of investment, time is everything. If you are buying or selling something at the right time for investment, it just simply makes you “richer”. Well, the same thing is for gold also. If you are buying or selling gold at the right time, it can enhance your investment portfolio. On the other hand, your assent can also be destroyed if the gold transaction is not done at the wrong time. This matter must be acknowledged by gold investors to protect themselves from many possibilities in the future.

2. Technical Analysis

Some analysts also predict the potential of gold value increase that is supported by technical analysis. Based on the graphic of VanEck Vectors Gold Miners, from 2016, the gold forms a bottom position. The precious metal price enhanced only a little bit in the mid of that year, but it tended to show the sideways pattern until 2019. The Sideways Pattern means that there is no tendency of price movements.

3. Dohmen’s Theory about What is the Future Price of Gold Expected to be Estimated

Bert Dohmen, the president of Dohmen Capital Research has predicted the potential of gold value enhancement since the 80’s. To his client, Dohmen showed the peak of the gold price at the end of 1980. The price of the metal increases even above the level of USD 800 per oz. However, Dohmen also believed that the gold price would be decreased in 20 years. He stated his analysis in 1991 in the Wellington Letter. Although his theory was underestimated, the decrease really happened. Based on the theory and the fact proposed by Dohmen, although gold tends to increase, it still has possibilities to decrease even significantly as well.

4. What should the Investor do about the Future Price of Gold Expected to be Happening?

Based on the explanations above, it is known how the characters of gold are. No matter how good its value in the future, the precious metal still has a possibility to decrease in terms of the price. But it still doesn’t erase the fact that the gold is still one of the best investment instruments you can choose. It is only a matter of how you can wisely predict the value to know what the best time to sell or to buy it.

There are all about what is the future price of gold expected to be. Additionally, there are also some factors that can influence the gold price. For example, they are the global crisis, inflation, the value of the USD, the instability of the Central Bank, gold production, and many more.