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TSP to Gold IRA – Methods and Tips that You Should Know

If you are planning on investing in gold, then you need to know these TSP to gold IRA tips. If you are a federal employee or a member of the armed services, then you are probably participating in the Thrift Savings Plan. It is a retirement plan that allows you to transfer some of the money from your paycheck to several retirement funds in the plan. Unfortunately, you cannot invest in gold through your TSP. But you can do it by transferring your TSP to an IRA (Individual Retirement Plan). And that is exactly what we are going to tell you all about.

1. Funds in TSP

Before we talk about anything else, you need to know the type of funds that you will find in TSP. Your money can be directed to 10 different funds in your TSP. However, some funds are more popular than the rest. These funds include the G Fund, the F Fund, the C Fund, the S Fund, and the I Fund. If you do not manage your TSP, your money will automatically be directed to the G Fund. You will then be able to make a withdrawal once you are no longer a federal employee.

2. Rollover Your TSP

Unfortunately, you will not be able to make a lot of investments through your TSP. You most certainly will not be able to invest in gold since TSP is quite strict when it comes to investments. However, you can still invest in gold, even if you participate in TSP. You can do this by learning the rollover process of your TSP to other retirement plans that are not as strict. For example, you can transfer TSP to gold IRA by doing a rollover from TSP to IRA.

3. Investing in Gold Bullion

Investing in gold bullion can be very beneficial. That is why you might want to know how to do it if you are a participant of the TSP. You can invest in many different types of gold after you rollover your TSP to other retirement funds such as the IRA. However, if you want to invest in gold bullions, you need the help of a self-directed gold IRA. You can also do a rollover of your TSP fund to other retirement funds such as the 401k plan if you want to invest in gold bullions. Either way, it is best if you do your research first before you make big decisions about your retirement funds.

4. TSP to Gold Methods

There are several methods that you can use to roll over your TSP to gold. You can do it directly, or you can also do a method that we have mentioned above, which is a rollover. By using the rollover method, you will have to withdraw money from your TSP and deposit it to an IRA account. With the direct method, you can use a trustee-to-trustee transfer that will move your funds directly to an IRA account.

Convert TSP to Gold IRA

Investing in gold is a smart move. But you need to know how to do that if you are participating in the TSP. With the help of this TSP to gold IRA tips, you will be able to make investments in gold or other precious metals as you desire.