safe investments with high returns

Safe Investments with High Returns to Try – 4 Best Recommendation

Investment is a way of accumulating wealth to deal with an often uncertain future. Pension funds, children’s education costs, buying a house, and so on require investment. How to invest? What is an example of the safe investments with high returns, a profitable investment, that you can start now? This article will review the best types of investment returns that you can easily start now. Guaranteed to be successful.

4 Best Safe Investments with High Returns

1. Stock investment

You read in various financial kinds of literature, definitely placing stocks as an investment instrument with the highest return. But, stocks are also the riskiest among others. Because it needs a strategy in playing stocks.

  • First, understand well what stocks are. It’s because with a good understanding you can determine the stock investment strategy that is most right for you.
  • Second, diversify your investment by not putting all the money in stocks. But, dividing it into other instruments so that if there is turmoil in the stock market you can survive.
  • Third, focus on blue-chip stocks if they are still beginners because blue-chip stocks have the most measurable risk and perform better than other types of stocks.
  • Fourth, it takes patience in investing in stocks because the benefits come in the long run.

2. Gold investment

Gold is an investment instrument that has existed for hundreds of years. Everyone must already know the advantages of investing in gold, including the relatively stable gold price, inflation resistance, and easy sale. Recently, along with the emergence of Fintech, gold investment has innovated with the presence of online gold investment. Online gold investment has many advantages, namely:

  • First, the process of buying and selling gold is very easy because it is done through an application, without the need to go to a branch office.
  • Second, the risk of losing gold is smaller.
  • Third, the minimum online gold investment is very affordable, starting from little value per purchase of gold, which cannot be done if you buy physical gold in a gold shop. And many other advantages.

3. Deposit investment

It also includes one of the safest investments with high returns. The deposit is a form of short to medium-term investment. This investment system relies on investment interest with a static interest value. This instrument is without the risk or arguably the safest of all forms of investment that exist to date. Because the investment value increases and is guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS). This investment can be used as a long-term investment if it is disciplined in investing and does not reduce investment when the investment extension is made.

4. Money market mutual funds

For those who want a slightly higher return on savings than one gets with a savings account, money market funds are an excellent and very safe option. This type of investment is ideal for small investors looking to park their money for a relatively short period of time. Usually less than 12 months.

In addition to short investment periods and being relatively safer and more stable, money market mutual funds also have the advantage of high liquidity. For example, you can sell units of your money market mutual fund to cash out, so it doesn’t take long. So, try one of those safe investments with high returns for your future life.