gold prices 10 years from now

Gold Prices 10 Years from Now – Overview Of Gold Price Movements

Gold prices 10 years from now – As we know, gold is one of the jewels that is used as a financial standard in various countries. Likewise, the price of gold, which always rises every year. It has not determined the interest of many countries to open gold investments that will benefit many parties. The form of gold used in the monetary sector is usually a diamond or bar. It has a unit weight of grams to kilograms. Although every year it has increased, in the previous few days, the price of gold has decreased due to the large amount of debt that wraps around several countries.

We need to know a lot about the price of gold in the next 10 years or the price of gold from the previous year. Both the increase and decrease in gold prices every year so that it becomes knowledge when you want to invest in gold. The gold investment is still in the highest business category in the world. And there are still many in demand by various groups and even some countries.

In 2012, the price of gold is estimated to increase because there is no certainty about the end of debt of European countries. The stock price has decreased drastically In several world exchanges. It makes people prefer to use their funds for gold investment. The price of gold bullion in 2018 was estimated to have decreased by 10% to the US $ 1,228.8. And continued to decline in August 2018 Friday, namely 32% in gold in the form of precious metals. However, this is said to have increased compared to the previous year, namely 2017, which experienced a drastic reduction of 1.5%.

Gold Price Movements In 2020 To 2030

If in 2017 and 2018, the movement can be seen. It can be seen that in 2020 we are experiencing very difficult economic conditions due to the pandemic, which caused the economy to experience a drastic decline. It was also experienced by various countries. However, it is known that in January the first week of 2020 experienced an increase of 1.18% compared to last week’s US $ 1,898.67 per troy ounce. The gold price reached the highest level. That is only a picture in one month, so there is a possibility that even if there is a decline in the following months until 2021 to 2030. It will not be too much. And if there is an increase of only 10% to 30% the value of gold bullion.

The increase in gold received support from the Global Recession. So, gold is considered a safe investment that many investors are looking for. The prediction of gold price in 2021, which reportedly from BofA will reach US $ 2,063. It means that it shows a profit of more than 50% from the previous US $ 2,000 per troy ounce. Of course, these increases and decreases are driven by the situation of the United States dollar. It means that gold will rise 15.7% from this year’s position.

Gold prices 10 years from now

Juerg Kiener, who is the Manager Director of Swiss Capital, said that the gold price increase that occurred in the precious metal was currently at the price of US $ 64.3 per gram = 31.1 grams or 1 troy ounce. And the current level in the calculation of the US Dollar is the US $ 14,500 per gram. The estimated gold price in 2025 is analyzed to increase to reach the US $ 3,500 per troy ounce. This is due to the uncertainty of Covid19 and tensions between the US and China.

In this case, it can be estimated that if viewed from the calculation of the ups and downs of the world gold price level from 2020 to 2025 it will continue to increase. It can be concluded that in 2030 it can achieve this increase. Continues to increase to the US $ 4,600. So, you can imagine if we succeed in investing in gold how much profit can be obtained. And it can be used for long-term investment capital.

Please note for the investment process or things that need to be considered in gold investment

  1. Determine investment objectives
  2. Always monitor gold price movements
  3. Make sure the type of gold is genuine
  4. Determine the budget or amount that will invest beginners
  5. Start investing in gold

When doing the above before investing, it is very necessary to pay attention to some of the things above to be more sure how profitable we are to invest in gold as a long-term business and other businesses.